Mykonos Gastronomic Pleasures

Summer is just around the corner and a trip to the Island of the Winds, would be highly advised, especially if you’re looking to combine your vacation with the best Greek cuisine has to offer… You can choose to enjoy fabulous meals at the comfort of your own luxury apartment in Mykonos, or get out and discover the most majestic locations for fine dining and endless sea gazing!

Contrary to popular belief, Mykonos is not just about frantic partying and high adrenaline rushes. If you have a little explorer hiding inside of you, you’re bound to find amazing, luxurious or even secluded locations for serene or romantic meals, with the most breathtaking view of the Aegean blue. If Greek food is one of your favorite preferences you can rest assured you’re in for a big treat!

What can you eat?
Apart from the obvious -and amazing- seafood options, one can enjoy some absolutely pleasurable, local specialties such as the Louza, which is a spicy cured pork or Kopanisti, a spicy soft cheese for the hardcore fans. It is safe to say that the people of Mykonos know all about the art of eating well and you could definitely join the fun.

Since Mykonos is a Greek Island, you can also expect to find some classic, Greek gastronomic masterpieces, such as the famous moussaka, saganaki, souvlaki, gyros and of course the Greek salad -Horiatiki- made with the freshest vegetables without neglecting the heavenly feta cheese. The best, most high end restaurants and luxury accommodation facilities in Mykonos are, of course, serving the most exceptional seafood and fresh fish, such as octopus or squid that have been caught the same day at the sea and then come right to your plate! The most luxurious options are always there, with the best caviar, luscious lobsters, fresh red mullets and many more for your palate’s pleasure only! That doesn’t mean you can’t find premium meat choices as well. Most restaurants serve the best Kobe beef, tomahawk steak, quality chicken and a wide variety of other tastes… All the plates can be combined with the finest white or red Greek wines for the ultimate experience.

Where can you eat?
Seriously, trying to decide what to eat, when in the Greek Oasis, can be pretty hard as the choices are endless. The same goes for the places too! The possibilities here vary as well, since you can roam between modern, luxurious restaurants to classic, traditional taverns by the seaside… For those who want to take their fancy meals to the next level, there’s always the option to enjoy a private dinner at your own luxury apartment in Mykonos, or villa! Whether it being by hiring a private chef, ordering room service or enjoying it by the pool bar-lounge of your Mykonos accommodation of choice.

All that food talk really whetted out appetite and we bet it did the same for yours too… So why wait? Mykonos accommodations will soon be almost packed for the season, thus we highly advise you to book your luxury apartment or villa in Mykonos sooner rather than later. Don’t miss the chance for a magical vacation combined with the most godly, gastronomic pleasures. It will be one to remember, for sure!



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